[TOS] Textbook status 2300 UTC 20100326

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Fri Mar 26 23:11:49 UTC 2010


* Wiki converted to raw XML completed.
* Publican book structure built.
* All of that checked in to Subversion.
* As well as a bunch of improvements that get us toward a working

svn list http://teachingopensource.org/repos/textbook

I'll be taking work from folks as patches (svn diff preferred) or
directly to the repo after we arrange that.  Since I don't want to
redo a lot of work, I'd rather see early partial patches so I can
steer in the right direction.

Resources for this conversion are here:


Here are the logs and minutes from today:


Minutes (text): 


I'm finishing my work on the sprint for now (off to daughters' talent
night).  I'll be back later tonight because I want the following
before I go to bed:

* Working basic build in Publican.
* We'll have a "RAPTOR_BUILD" where it builds somewhat ugly but
  doesn't all fail if I get eaten by a clever pack this weekend.
* Others can start improving XML tomorrow.
* Status sent out via blog, this mailing list, and
  docs at lists.fedoraproject.org, so folks know where to start Sat and

cheers - Karsten
name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture 
uri:               http://TheOpenSourceWay.org/wiki
gpg:                                       AD0E0C41
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