[TOS] Publican branding packages

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sat Mar 27 23:18:15 UTC 2010

If you are involved or wanting to build the textbook, I made a
first-pass publican-teachingopensource branding package[1]:


I haven't tweaked it yet, you'll notice the logo looks too big here:


... because of the SVG I generated for it.  I'll solve those problems
soon. :)  In the meanwhile, the important goal got accomplished that I
set out to do -- get the license blurb in this scratch build to say CC
BY SA 3.0 Unported and not the GFDL.

All of the bits for the branding package are in Subversion.  It's
entirely drawn from the Fedora package, which is also CC BY SA, except
for the trademarked logos.  I am using Teaching Open Source logos, but
the rest of the color scheme, etc. is currently direct from the Fedora
look.  If someone is inspired, here is how to tweak the CSS:


After this it's just a bunch of brute force XML work.  Now we can test
our XML work to build using the new branding.  I'll update the package
and let the list know when I have the actual 1.0 version I intend to
use for the textbook build.

- Karsten

[1] This was all done using Publican's built in package building
capabilities along with the how-to documentation.  I'm not sure that
this package as-is is going to pass Fedora packaging guidelines, but
I'll start crossing that bridge on Tuesday.

name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture 
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