[TOS] pretty book status 0000 UTC 20100330

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Tue Mar 30 12:13:14 UTC 2010

Thanks Karsten!  Comments inline.

On Mon, 29 Mar 2010, Karsten Wade wrote:

> Been having fun with the wiki2xml conversion, although it's been a bit
> lonely by myself and I miss sharing the how-to experience. ;-P  I've
> tried to make granular commits, especially in the earlier ones, so you
> can follow along and learn from the diff between revisions.  In latter
> commits, I've jammed all changes in the one commit.  This is largely
> because partial commits break the build, and I want each commit to
> not break the build Just In Case(TM).
> From this moment Tim Budd can begin working with the HTML content
> tomorrow, and we should be delivering a complete PDF by then, too.
> == Status ==
> * Conversion complete up through Chapter 4.
> * Remaining work is just brute force from here ...
> * PDF is building (yay!)
> * We're using a TeachingOpenSource.org branding that needs some help;
>  I'm making fixes to that _after_ all content is converted.
> * 114 pages (double-sided with blank ends for chapters, etc.), and
>  growing ... (continued clean-up will introduce more whitespace.)
> * Revision 22 in Subversion.
> * We need bug tracking before we can go live with students ...

We absolutely do need this.  How do we get it?

Chris, is it time to sit down and have a broader "TOS Infrastructure" 


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