[TOS] POSSE status updates

Karl R. Wurst Karl.Wurst at worcester.edu
Wed Mar 31 20:30:18 UTC 2010

On 3/24/10 4:33 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
> Quick status updates on the various POSSEs this summer, as best as I 
> know what's happening - corrections, questions, etc. welcome, especially 
> if you're helping to organize one and need something from me. ;)
> --Mel


> == Worcester ==
> Walter Bender has confirmed that he'll be co-teaching this POSSE with 
> me, so we'll be doing "Fedora as a development platform for working on 
> other codebases" as a theme, using Sugar Labs as an example. Karl Wurtz 
> has done a perfect job of lining everything up for this POSSE (thanks, 
> Karl!) and I think we just need to give him the materials for a "dear 
> local colleagues, please come to POSSE!" push now, and start spreading 
> the word in the Boston area.
> Next step: participant recruitment.

Invitations sent today to 83 CS faculty within about a 1 hour drive. If
we don't fill up, I'll start sending to all the schools in greater Boston.

BTW, it's "Wurst" not "Wurtz"


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