[TOS] Let's talk about SIGCSE 2012 plans.

Heidi Ellis heidijcellis at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 18:05:58 UTC 2011

Hey Sebastian,

I've been perusing the SIGCSE page on TOS. I think that we can't submit
exactly the same BoF as last year. My suggestion would be to revamp it
slightly and invite a bunch of POSSE grads and indicate that we'd all share
how POSSE helped us get started and our experiences in student participation
in FOSS. Something that goes a bit beyond last year's BoF and builds on

Any other POSSE grads interested in sharing information?

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The submission deadline is coming up on September 1st, so I went ahead
and created a wiki page to help coordinating the different efforts
around SIGCSE. Feel free to toss in comments & requests here [0] or
simply reply here.

Who's planning on attending, and who's still looking for co-authors?


[0] http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/SIGCSE_2012
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