[TOS] Let's talk about SIGCSE 2012 plans.

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Tue Aug 16 17:11:11 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 5:34 AM, Steven Huss-Lederman <huss at beloit.edu> wrote:
> Howdy!


> I'll definitely be at SIGCSE (I'm one of the student volunteer and activity coordinators if you have students who want free registration for volunteering some hours).  I'm happy to share my experiences at a BoF.

I added you to the wiki page!

> I'll throw out some ideas for the BoF.  They are just thoughts.  I'm happy to edit if others think these have merit.

I think they do have merit. Just go ahead and edit them in! :)

> You are trying to pitch to professors.  Make the students and other professors the primary focus/presenters.  They will explain how to get started with TOS and answer questions.  It will be a session to learn the resources to do this.  Instead of saying it is "no-cost" say it costs no money and there is support for doing this.  Make this clearer and stronger.  The current ideas say this but I'm not sure if the punch is there.  (I think the current one is fine too.)  Along these lines, can we get some students from POSSE institutions to come?

This would be a great way of using course funding the POSSE cohort
members received -- getting exposed to an acedemic conference and
sharing open source experiences.

> Add some buzz words for this audience: hands-on learning, community-based learning, project-based learning, student centered/driven, etc.
> Make the abstract sound more exciting to entice people to come.  How excited profs and students who do this are.  How it leads to real and deep learning for everyone.  Maybe something fun in there.

If this was more of a workshop thing, I could think of utilizing the
"virtual fieldtrip" analogy we used at CCSCNE... still pondering,


--Sebastian (who's at LinuxCon right now and will see whether we can
immerse not just professors using a modified POSSE curriculum

> Another thought.  Could we have a different (meaning second) BoF for students?  There are usually 75-100 students at SIGCSE.  If you could motivate them to come to a BoF (hard to motivate students but easier since few sessions are aimed at them) then we would hit the other side of the equation.  This would be a more unique BoF (and likely with few participants) but could be interesting.  We have several OSS oriented students to present with maybe one prof involved.  The focus is on students to go back to their schools and who may become profs in a number of year.  Build the pipeline. Would this work?  Could we get enough students (3 would be nice)?
> Thanks for reading.
> Steve
> On Aug 13, 2011, at 1:05 PM, Heidi Ellis wrote:
>> Hey Sebastian,
>> I've been perusing the SIGCSE page on TOS. I think that we can't submit
>> exactly the same BoF as last year. My suggestion would be to revamp it
>> slightly and invite a bunch of POSSE grads and indicate that we'd all share
>> how POSSE helped us get started and our experiences in student participation
>> in FOSS. Something that goes a bit beyond last year's BoF and builds on
>> experience.
>> Any other POSSE grads interested in sharing information?
>> Heidi
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>> The submission deadline is coming up on September 1st, so I went ahead
>> and created a wiki page to help coordinating the different efforts
>> around SIGCSE. Feel free to toss in comments & requests here [0] or
>> simply reply here.
>> Who's planning on attending, and who's still looking for co-authors?
>> --Sebastian
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