[TOS] Let's talk about SIGCSE 2012 plans.

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Tue Aug 16 17:12:56 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 5:40 AM, Heidi Ellis <heidijcellis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> The idea is to saturate SIGCSE with TOS presence. I like the idea of a BoF
> for students, although there may not be a large number of student attendees.
> So go for it! Add it to the BoF section of the TOS SIGCSE site. Or add it as
> a special session? Whichever you think fits best.

I think Mel was also talking about doing a student advisory board for
POSSE; maybe this is something that could align well.


> Heidi
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> Howdy!
> I'll definitely be at SIGCSE (I'm one of the student volunteer and activity
> coordinators if you have students who want free registration for
> volunteering some hours).  I'm happy to share my experiences at a BoF.
> I'll throw out some ideas for the BoF.  They are just thoughts.  I'm happy
> to edit if others think these have merit.
> You are trying to pitch to professors.  Make the students and other
> professors the primary focus/presenters.  They will explain how to get
> started with TOS and answer questions.  It will be a session to learn the
> resources to do this.  Instead of saying it is "no-cost" say it costs no
> money and there is support for doing this.  Make this clearer and stronger.
> The current ideas say this but I'm not sure if the punch is there.  (I think
> the current one is fine too.)  Along these lines, can we get some students
> from POSSE institutions to come?
> Add some buzz words for this audience: hands-on learning, community-based
> learning, project-based learning, student centered/driven, etc.
> Make the abstract sound more exciting to entice people to come.  How excited
> profs and students who do this are.  How it leads to real and deep learning
> for everyone.  Maybe something fun in there.
> Another thought.  Could we have a different (meaning second) BoF for
> students?  There are usually 75-100 students at SIGCSE.  If you could
> motivate them to come to a BoF (hard to motivate students but easier since
> few sessions are aimed at them) then we would hit the other side of the
> equation.  This would be a more unique BoF (and likely with few
> participants) but could be interesting.  We have several OSS oriented
> students to present with maybe one prof involved.  The focus is on students
> to go back to their schools and who may become profs in a number of year.
> Build the pipeline. Would this work?  Could we get enough students (3 would
> be nice)?
> Thanks for reading.
> Steve
> On Aug 13, 2011, at 1:05 PM, Heidi Ellis wrote:
>> Hey Sebastian,
>> I've been perusing the SIGCSE page on TOS. I think that we can't submit
>> exactly the same BoF as last year. My suggestion would be to revamp it
>> slightly and invite a bunch of POSSE grads and indicate that we'd all
> share
>> how POSSE helped us get started and our experiences in student
> participation
>> in FOSS. Something that goes a bit beyond last year's BoF and builds on
>> experience.
>> Any other POSSE grads interested in sharing information?
>> Heidi
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>> The submission deadline is coming up on September 1st, so I went ahead
>> and created a wiki page to help coordinating the different efforts
>> around SIGCSE. Feel free to toss in comments & requests here [0] or
>> simply reply here.
>> Who's planning on attending, and who's still looking for co-authors?
>> --Sebastian
>> [0] http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/SIGCSE_2012
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