[TOS] Let's talk about SIGCSE 2012 plans.

Steven Huss-Lederman huss at beloit.edu
Tue Aug 16 18:59:40 UTC 2011

On Aug 16, 2011, at 1:29 PM, Mel Chua wrote:

> Regarding students -- most "student" events I've been to involve a lot of talking *at* students, and I'm curious whether that dynamic could be reversed. So, counterproposal: Steve, what would it take to get a 3-4 hour block (an entire morning or an entire afternoon) in a room or block of rooms large enough to fit 4-6 small group discussions at a time? I'm thinking of a barcamp format. Depending on how broad we need to be to capture a sufficient audience, it can either be students-only or student-focus, open source focused or not (but we'd try to get people to put in sessions about FOSS/TOS/etc).

I can see but I suspect it might be hard to get a room during the normal daily conference times, esp. for a non-standard time activity.  This is not a normal time slot or activity at SIGCSE.  There are evening workshops but that is a somewhat different activity (and has a fee associated with it).  Another issue is not competing with other SIGCSE activities.  Thursday evening is the reception.  Traditionally Friday is the dinner for student volunteers (it might move earlier but probably won't).  That makes evening events trickier and other nights have fewer people in attendance.  One thing going for SIGCSE this year is it is near a number of universities so more students might come if there was a reason.  If we have thoughts I can check with the organizers but there are constraints.

As for making it student centered: I agree.  I helped coordinate a special session on using peer mentors a few years ago and we did hands-on activities well over half the time (for professors).  The students ran this part of the session.  If we cannot get the 3-4 hour block then a shorter session with some structure but focused on students doing things might work.  Note special sessions are 75 minutes.  Not as long as you like but might work.  Workshops are 3 hours.  These are the longer standard sessions that I recall.

Who has great idea?


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