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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Aug 23 21:14:10 UTC 2011


We've been working on improving how the upstream project at
http://TheOpenSourceWay.org (TOSW.org) presents itself. I'm interested
in your input on the current version, which is quite beta.

There has been a lot of confusion that the TOSW.org website was just
for hosting a handbook. Our team has always meant more for the site,
and when we started drawing pictures we realized we had something more
coherent than we knew, with some holes filled.

How does the site resonate with you? Especially with your Teaching
Open Source (TOS) perspective? Is the connection to TOS more or less

In brief, our drawing puts TOS activities as one of the important ways
we have of creating practitioners of the open source way. The latter
being the purpose of TOSW.org.

So materials such as the handbook, checklists, processes, and
curriculum all support the overall purpose. Activities such as POSSE,
community consulting and coaching, and writing sprints also support
the overall purpose.

One reason I bring this up here, there could be a stronger coupling
between the activities and output of TOS.org and TOSW.org.

I'll work on getting that drawing we made in to a digital format for
all to peruse, it might help this discussion.

Thanks for your input,

- Karsten
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