[TOS] POSSE application feedback

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue May 3 15:16:33 UTC 2011

Some POSSE application feedback from Karsten Wade (he lost a couple 
things when his laptop died, so I'm posting this on his behalf.



This application is on the way and provides some very fertile ground. 
What I see it needs are two general areas:

1. Ground the class in an actual open source project, doing real work as 
part of a real community. For example, the Fedora Project uses a lot of 
Python in the set of applications used for project participation. 
Perhaps students could work within the Fedora Websites and 
Infrastructure teams to develop maintainable applications.

2. Within the coursework, tie back that collaboration to doing things 
the open source way. Perhaps use the Teaching Open Source textbook or 
TheOpenSourceWay.org as reference material. Have the students work 
openly, on mailing lists, in IRC, sharing and critiquing with the open 
community, all open learning.

POSSE would of course be a great way for the instructor here to learn 
about all of that, how it works, why it matters. By reworking the course 
along the two points I made above, it would be take a stellar class to 
galactic levels.


Another admissions round coming up shortly.

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