[TOS] Ian Weller is working on TOS infrastructure this summer

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon May 23 09:21:42 UTC 2011

Mel Chua wrote:
> Just so folks know: Ian Weller starts as a full-time summer intern for 
> Red Hat in a few hours, and one of his responsibilities is to work on 
> TOS infrastructure. Everything he's doing will be tracked in the TOS 
> ticket tracker's infrastructure component.
> http://tickets.teachingopensource.org/projects/infrastructure/issues?set_filter=1
> If it's not on here, it's not going to be in Ian's queue. [...]

Do you know that the OpenID login doesn't work?  I get a registration
form which has a red error box at the top saying

"   * Login can't be blank
    * Firstname can't be blank
    * Lastname can't be blank
    * Email can't be blank
    * Email is invalid"

So I can't file a report for what I feel is the underlying issue:
too few people have access to the infrastructure and how that access
is determined is unclear.

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