[TOS] Ian Weller is working on TOS infrastructure this summer

Ian Weller ian at ianweller.org
Mon May 23 15:43:48 UTC 2011

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 10:21:42AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Do you know that the OpenID login doesn't work?  I get a registration
> form which has a red error box at the top saying
> "   * Login can't be blank
>     * Firstname can't be blank
>     * Lastname can't be blank
>     * Email can't be blank
>     * Email is invalid"

These things are usually provided by your OpenID provider. It kind of
bugs me that there's no way to adjust them (or enter them), so I'll look
at that (it's either an OpenID plugin or core Redmine). In the mean
time, you can register for an account the normal way and file the ticket
listed below, which is something that needs to be discussed.

> So I can't file a report for what I feel is the underlying issue:
> too few people have access to the infrastructure and how that access
> is determined is unclear.

I don't necessarily want a formal procedure for this, because I would
like people who want to help out to do so easily.

One possibility is to grant access when a user has accepted a ticket
that requires them to have access to a server (or what have you).
Thoughts, all?

Ian Weller <ian at ianweller.org>
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