[TOS] Ian Weller is working on TOS infrastructure this summer

Matthew Jadud mjadud at allegheny.edu
Mon May 23 18:50:01 UTC 2011

2011/5/23 Ian Weller <ian at ianweller.org>:
> (Looks like your email cut in two here... missing point number 1.)

It was too amazing to share with you, so I removed it after writing it.

(Actually, in my original draft, it's gone too. Dunno what point 1
was. I'm sure it was amazing, though.)

> So something like Redmine + VCS for each university? Are you also
> suggesting a separate planet/EtherPad instance for each as well?
> I'm fairly certain OSUOSL has an out-of-the-box solution already
> (correct me if I'm wrong, Jeff) for Redmine + VCS that could be spun up
> fairly instantly for each university.

I suspect that having one etherpad instance easily found at TOS.org
would be good. (Where "at" might mean a URL redirect, etc.)

We thought it would be nice if there was a way to provide a "planet in
a box." This would serve multiple purposes: providing institutions
with an easy way to advertise their students' FOSS participation, and
also provide easy-access material for keeping up on multiple
institutions and their efforts. I can think of a few models for how to
do this in a lightweight manner.

We were assuming that there was infrastructure (e.g. OSUOSL's work)
that could potentially be leveraged in this way, but we were not sure
how to move that conversation forward. We're not interested in
recreating wheels, but we are interested in lowering as many bars as
possible for faculty to experiment with and learn the tools and
technologies involved in FOSS.

Looking at




what we're suggesting doesn't seem to quite fit the model. Or, perhaps
it does. If someone could point me at an instance of what a "turnkey"
setup like this looks like, that would be great. But, yes: turnkey is
good. Minimizing work is good.

We didn't quite get down to the "how" of things, but we know that
there are some needs that are consistently showing up for educators as
they try and navigate into this space.


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