[TOS] Opening Funding Applications for TOS Events

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Wed May 25 02:30:51 UTC 2011

> Upcoming POSSE alumni are in addition still eligible to their $1.6k of
> course funding. They don't have to apply for it through this process.

Basically, we wanted to make sure that (1) POSSE cohort members could at 
least travel to the TOS event they most wanted to attend, and (2) each 
major TOS event had some funding set aside for people who *weren't* 
POSSE cohort members.

I run the first budget, and every POSSE 2011 cohort member has $1.6k of 
course funding set aside for them, which they can choose to use to get 
or send students to these events if they like. This is separate from the 
funding process Sebastian just opened, so if you're a POSSE 2011 cohort 
member and were planning on using part of your stipend to attend one of 
these events, you don't need to apply for funding -- just go, and once 
you complete your POSSE requirements I can reimburse you for receipts 
you save.

Sebastian runs the second budget, and he's just opened up applications 
for funding for the first 3 events this summer/school-year. 2011 POSSE 
cohort members *can* still apply for travel funding from this pool, but 
we know who y'all are and you might want to explain why you really, 
really need all $1.6k of your course funding for Something Else. ;)

Please ask us if you've got any questions!


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