[TOS] tos.o main page redesign mockup

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Wed May 25 15:20:30 UTC 2011

To follow up on Matt's excellent summary of infrastructure discussions
from last week's workshop, Mel and I made a mockup of a possible
TOS.org redesign. Goals for this were to make it:

* Look good
* Use/repurpose as much existing content as possible (i.e. look good,
but take minimum time to set up)
* Easy to figure out what TOS is
* Easy to join (which means "mailing list")
* Display our main methods of communicating -- list, blogs, events --
prominently so it's obvious to new folks that those are fairly major
things in this community.

Again, this isn't final. But we wanted to put it out there for
feedback. Here it is:

Walking through the redesign:

0) Logo/header. - we might want to put it specifically on top; above
the highlights...

1) Rotating project highlights - short images and text with a "show
more" link for featured projects/news, similar to the rotating image
at the top of http://fedoraproject.org/. Things we could feature: "50
ways to be a FOSSer," POSSE, "See the work of Professor X's class in
$community," bits of news, and so forth. (I could imagine that
Andrea's journalism students might enjoy having this space to play
with things to feature during the school year.)

2) A short description of what TOS and its mission is.

3) A mini-planet. There'll be a full Planet page with layout, but this
is a mini-feed that will show people's hackergotchis, name, post
title, and the first sentence or two of their post, as a "hey, we
blog, and you should check it out!" teaser.

4) A box devoted solely to getting people to join the mailing list,
which is what we usually tell folks is the first step in joining the

5) An "upcoming events" box, with the next event taking up most of the
real estate and the next few events after it on the sidebar with dates
and locations so people will hopefully participate.

6) "Spotlight on..." profiles of individual professors or classes.

7) Footer with further navigation, licensing information, and so on. -
this isn't in the mockup yet, but shouldn't be too hard to add.



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