[TOS] the FERPA discussion at Georgia Tech

Bonnie MacKellar mackellb at stjohns.edu
Thu Nov 17 13:15:36 UTC 2011


I imagine many of you have seen Mark Guzdial's post on what is happening with FERPA at Georgia Tech?
It was also blogged at this link
Evidently they have had to take down all of their course wikis because the administration has ruled that the fact that a student is enrolled in a particular course is protected under FERPA, and cannot be disclosed even to other students at the university. I am wondering what impact this could have on those of us doing open source projects as part of a course. If a student is interacting on a open source forum, for example, then that student's identity and the fact that he or she is in a course has been disclosed to people not in the course.

Quite honestly, this is something that has concerned me for a while, and was a reason that I had been using our own server as a code repository rather than something like SourceForge or GoogleCode. I always worried that putting student names and, worse, their coursework, out in the public might somehow violate FERPA.

Bonnie MacKellar
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