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Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail kagesenshi.87 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 04:17:00 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Just sharing this idea of mine. http://campuscamp.org

The goal is to nurture a culture of sharing within educational
institution. Topics are not limited to FOSS, attendees may talk about
anything, from hobby, to research papers, to even silly stuff.

At least in my region, the sharing culture is not quite there. We tend
to end up doing events , giving talks, etc, where the attendees are
just consuming, probably try out stuff and use stuff, however does not
go beyond that to contributing in some way. Hopefully by getting them
to share more, regardless what it is, could make it easier for FOSS
groups to find new contributors.

More reading on my motivation that started this event:

Currently I've got a group of students in one local college to run it,
they'll be running it again next march, and at least another 2 groups
have expressed interests to run it in their colleges. If anybody else
want to run their own version of CampusCamp, please feel free to go
ahead. Just inform me beforehand so that I can help out promoting it
in our G+ page and blog.

follow our G+ page for news/reshares :


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