[TOS] Question re. projects and courses related to social computational systems

S. Monisha Pulimood pulimood at tcnj.edu
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In the fall I will be teaching an undergraduate course on social
computational systems (human computation a la Luis von Ahn's work on
Duolingo and reCaptcha, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, etc. as well as
crowdsourcing ...). I would like to incorporate some design/development as
well, preferably contributing to an existing open source project. While I
typically use open source software in my classes, I haven't had students
actively contributing to any existing projects yet. After attending the TOS
workshop at SIGCSE in March I was convinced that this would be valuable for
students and would like explore this in the fall.

Does anyone know of existing FOSS projects related to this topic area that
my students could get involved in? Are there any developers who might be
willing to mentor these students?

Thanks for any help and pointers you can give me.

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> Hi Folks,
> For those of you who may not be familiar with Joanie's work, Joanie is one
> of the leads on the GNOME Accessibility project that fosters FOSS
> accessibility solutions for GUIs. Joanie has been instrumental in helping
> with getting my students started in various HFOSS projects over the past
> two years and she came down and spoke to my class about aspects of visual
> impairment this past fall. In addition, I have observed Joanie manage her
> team via IRC meetings (on and off as my schedule permits) and she does a
> great job with directing and encouraging the team. I think she'll make a
> super GNOME Foundation Board member!
> Heidi
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> Hey all.
> Back in October I met with several professors and also Sebastian and as a
> result of that had an idea. And I was psyched about it. And I was going to
> go home and blog about it and share it with y'all. But life and work just
> kept happening.
> Yadda, yadda, yadda, in response to Richard Stallman's question for
> candidates for the GNOME Foundation Board, I suddenly found myself writing
> the long-promised document. Apologies to those who knew about my promise
> and had to wait so long for me to deliver. :-/
> It is here for your consideration:
> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2012-May/msg00034.html
> Take care.
> --joanie
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