[TOS] Public finance documentation: TOS reimbursements (POSSE 2011 course grants)

Mel Chua mel at purdue.edu
Wed Jun 20 01:02:10 UTC 2012

Public finance documentation time!

Everyone with an outstanding TOS reimbursement (course funding for the 
POSSE 2012 cohort) has now been reimbursed.

Karl Wurst		$ 115.94
Andy Grimm		$  15.50 (from Karl Wurst's pool)
Andrea Hickerson	$ 912.43
Sebastian Dziallas	$1378.29 (from Matt Jadud's pool)
Rajeev Agrawal		$  61.92

has been updated. Many thanks to Leslie and Robyn for their help in 
straightening this out.

That's all.


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