[TOS] Guidelines on launching an open source project?

STEPHEN JACOBS itprofjacobs at gmail.com
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Hey Ted,

in addition to whatever guidelines appear in response to this thread, the FOSS at RIT crowd will be happy to have a sit-down with you and/or otherwise help you move this forward.  I'm around this summer except for next week and the first week of August.  Remy and my current batch of students are on campus m-r 10-6 (except next week which'll switch around for the fourth) through 8/17.


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> Subject: [TOS] Guidelines on launching an open source project?
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>   I been asked to help take a fairly extensive body of code and
> release it as an open source project.
> I'm wondering if someone can point me to some resources that
> might guide us along this process?
> My collaborators have a body of code used for physics simulation.
> It's all under Mercurial for internal management. They want to
> distribute it under an open source model, while maintaining control
> of the "official" version.
>  Any pointers, guidelines, or advice would be appreciated.
> T. F. Pawlicki
> Dept. Computer Science
> University of Rochester
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