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Tue Feb 9 03:22:47 UTC 2016

Hi Tom, all,

I've submitted a proposal regarding privilege/empowerment in our deep dive
into FOSS this term. I specifically pitched it as being something in the
students' voices, and (if I can dig up support, somehow), I'd like to bring
some of the students to be able to speak personally to their first jump
into FOSS participation, with a particular focus on the human impact (in
terms of confidence, vision for the future, etc.) that it has had. Already,
their blogs are an inspiring thing to read, so I'm *really* looking forward
to where our continued reading and reflection take us.

Continuing to ramble for a moment... despite the advice of wiser
colleagues, I gave the students in our "FOSS Engineering" class some
options. As a result, we have:

* 12 students contributing to OpenMRS,
* 8 students contributing to OctoPrint
* 4 students contributing to Libre Office
* 4 students contributing to CodeWorkout
* 4 students contributing to the Teensy audio libraries

Structurally, the're in pairs (which I grouped intentionally), so they have
primary support/collaborators on everything. The larger groups (which are
really all groups of 4, because they're in a room that has tables that seat
4) provide some meta-structure, and we're doing a lot of blogging along the
way. I still need to get an aggregator set up for all of their blogs...
I'll share links to their blogs if people are interested.

As of this week, all but one or two students have working builds for all of
these systems, which (given the s ize/complexity of some of those builds)
is absolutely incredible. Along the way, I've learned a lot about
virt-builder, have installed Fedora 23 as our new departmental VM server,
and really wish we had a full-time UNIX admin around here... but I WILL
have a completely scripted, repeatable VM deployment before I'm done!

Truly, I'm excited, and I think the students are, too. I don't know if they
understand how large an accomplishment some of those builds are, and we're
now zeroing in on bugs, and beginning a lightweight design process as they
look at narrowing in the scope of their proposed contributions. (Thank you,
Heidi... I'm lifting some of that structure from your 490 (?) there...)

It is so nice to finally be teaching this course, after... what?... more
than half a decade of  POSSE participation/conversation?

Righto. I've been at it forever today, and I have a mid-midterm to write...


On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Tom Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com> wrote:

> This year, for the first time ever, the Red Hat Summit (Red Hat's
> mega-conference) is having a dedicated community track, vetted by the
> OSAS team (our team at Red Hat). There is interest in having Open Source
> in EDU talks!
> The Call For Proposals (not papers, notice) is here:
> http://community.redhat.com/blog/2016/01/community-track-at-red-hat-summit-call-for-proposals/
> Here are some areas which I think would be well received by the CFP
> review committee:
> * HFOSS in edu
> * Practical examples of how engaging students with open source matters
> * Open Innovation as it applies to open source
> * Students giving strong presentations on how open source has changed
> their life/the world around them/their school/etc
> Things they are not interested in:
> * Sales pitches for your school
> * Discussion of proprietary technologies
> * Academic style papers (not that these are bad, just not for RHS)
> Red Hat Summit has an audience of top IT execs, administrators,
> developers, and RH employees (from the CEO down). Presenting at RHS is
> an excellent chance to have exposure to your programs (and students)
> from a worldwide audience of employers and potential contributors, as
> well as key developers from a wide range of upstream projects. Red Hat
> Summit also runs in parallel with DevNation, which has a focus on
> developers and draws a rather large crowd. You have the opportunity to
> inspire and be inspired (and get on Red Hat's radar in a positive way).
> The CFP closes February 8th, 2016 (sorry, I know that's not a lot of
> time, out of my control).
> In 2016, the Red Hat Summit will be in San Francisco, CA, June 28-30:
> http://www.redhat.com/summit/
> DevNation happens June 26-29:
> http://www.devnation.org/
> Thanks,
> ~tom
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