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Fri Feb 12 18:44:06 UTC 2016

They're all public blogs, and we are writing them with that awareness.
Ultimately, portfolio-type content of their semester work will come
together there as well.

I have not yet had time to set up an aggregator, because I'm too busy with
other infrastructure. Apologies.


* http://austinlfarmer.me/blog/
* http://ballz-csc-486.blogspot.com/
* http://carricktel-csc486.blogspot.com/
* http://paintwings.com/blog/
* http://softeng.tumblr.com/
* http://thefirstpersonaljournal.wordpress.com/
* http://warnercr486.blogspot.com/
* http://www.kristiantoole.com/
* https://aikenash.wordpress.com/
* https://bdenzell.wordpress.com/
* https://codymyers93.wordpress.com/
* https://comptengoma.wordpress.com/
* https://csc486opensourcejournal.wordpress.com/
* https://georgeh94.wordpress.com/
* https://hellrungj.wordpress.com/
* https://hooverkblog.wordpress.com/
* https://iamishwar.wordpress.com/
* https://indreswaranl.wordpress.com/
* https://jacobstoebel.wordpress.com/
* https://manningdawn.wordpress.com/
* https://raunakshonathakur.wordpress.com/
* https://reinharda.wordpress.com/
* https://tokugeek.wordpress.com/
* https://zinph9.wordpress.com/
* http://jadud.com/

On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 11:51 AM, Dee Weikle <dee.weikle at emu.edu> wrote:

> I would love to see the blogs if the students are okay with that....
> Dee Weikle
> Eastern Mennonite University
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 10:22 PM, Matt Jadud <matt at jadud.com> wrote:
>> Hi Tom, all,
>> I've submitted a proposal regarding privilege/empowerment in our deep
>> dive into FOSS this term. I specifically pitched it as being something in
>> the students' voices, and (if I can dig up support, somehow), I'd like to
>> bring some of the students to be able to speak personally to their first
>> jump into FOSS participation, with a particular focus on the human impact
>> (in terms of confidence, vision for the future, etc.) that it has had.
>> Already, their blogs are an inspiring thing to read, so I'm *really*
>> looking forward to where our continued reading and reflection take us.
>> Continuing to ramble for a moment... despite the advice of wiser
>> colleagues, I gave the students in our "FOSS Engineering" class some
>> options. As a result, we have:
>> * 12 students contributing to OpenMRS,
>> * 8 students contributing to OctoPrint
>> * 4 students contributing to Libre Office
>> * 4 students contributing to CodeWorkout
>> * 4 students contributing to the Teensy audio libraries
>> Structurally, the're in pairs (which I grouped intentionally), so they
>> have primary support/collaborators on everything. The larger groups (which
>> are really all groups of 4, because they're in a room that has tables that
>> seat 4) provide some meta-structure, and we're doing a lot of blogging
>> along the way. I still need to get an aggregator set up for all of their
>> blogs... I'll share links to their blogs if people are interested.
>> As of this week, all but one or two students have working builds for all
>> of these systems, which (given the s ize/complexity of some of those
>> builds) is absolutely incredible. Along the way, I've learned a lot about
>> virt-builder, have installed Fedora 23 as our new departmental VM server,
>> and really wish we had a full-time UNIX admin around here... but I WILL
>> have a completely scripted, repeatable VM deployment before I'm done!
>> Truly, I'm excited, and I think the students are, too. I don't know if
>> they understand how large an accomplishment some of those builds are, and
>> we're now zeroing in on bugs, and beginning a lightweight design process as
>> they look at narrowing in the scope of their proposed contributions. (Thank
>> you, Heidi... I'm lifting some of that structure from your 490 (?) there...)
>> It is so nice to finally be teaching this course, after... what?... more
>> than half a decade of  POSSE participation/conversation?
>> Righto. I've been at it forever today, and I have a mid-midterm to
>> write...
>> Cheers,
>> Matt
>> On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Tom Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com>
>> wrote:
>>> This year, for the first time ever, the Red Hat Summit (Red Hat's
>>> mega-conference) is having a dedicated community track, vetted by the
>>> OSAS team (our team at Red Hat). There is interest in having Open Source
>>> in EDU talks!
>>> The Call For Proposals (not papers, notice) is here:
>>> http://community.redhat.com/blog/2016/01/community-track-at-red-hat-summit-call-for-proposals/
>>> Here are some areas which I think would be well received by the CFP
>>> review committee:
>>> * HFOSS in edu
>>> * Practical examples of how engaging students with open source matters
>>> * Open Innovation as it applies to open source
>>> * Students giving strong presentations on how open source has changed
>>> their life/the world around them/their school/etc
>>> Things they are not interested in:
>>> * Sales pitches for your school
>>> * Discussion of proprietary technologies
>>> * Academic style papers (not that these are bad, just not for RHS)
>>> Red Hat Summit has an audience of top IT execs, administrators,
>>> developers, and RH employees (from the CEO down). Presenting at RHS is
>>> an excellent chance to have exposure to your programs (and students)
>>> from a worldwide audience of employers and potential contributors, as
>>> well as key developers from a wide range of upstream projects. Red Hat
>>> Summit also runs in parallel with DevNation, which has a focus on
>>> developers and draws a rather large crowd. You have the opportunity to
>>> inspire and be inspired (and get on Red Hat's radar in a positive way).
>>> The CFP closes February 8th, 2016 (sorry, I know that's not a lot of
>>> time, out of my control).
>>> In 2016, the Red Hat Summit will be in San Francisco, CA, June 28-30:
>>> http://www.redhat.com/summit/
>>> DevNation happens June 26-29:
>>> http://www.devnation.org/
>>> Thanks,
>>> ~tom
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