[TOS] Searching for Open Source Learning Materials

Heidi Ellis heidi.ellis at wne.edu
Fri Feb 2 19:08:44 UTC 2018

Hi Folks,

One of the things that can be difficult about teaching open source is 
finding course materials. I draw your attention to the collection of 
materials cataloged on the TeachingOpenSource.org site. The following 
page allows you to search based on course category and FOSS category:


There are materials for all levels of students.

We would also like to expand this list. If you have a material that we 
could add to our catalog, please let us know! If you are logged into the 
TeachingOpenSource.org site, go to For Instructors/Contribute a Learning 
Material and fill out the simple form.  (This menu item is only shown to 
logged in users in order to reduce spam.)  Or you can simply send me a 
link to the material.


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