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Hello - thanks for your message. Have your students contributed to FOSS
projects? I've had several students work with our library to enhance FOSS
tools, and one of them now has a position at another college doing similar

I've never been to Sangli, but a year ago I was in Kerala, Mumbai, and
Hyderabad, and it's possible I will be back in India in June or July, and
hope to visit colleagues in Goa.


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> Hello everyone!
> I am Prof Kulkarni, from Engineering institute in India. In our institute
> "open source" course is part of UG curriculum and I had taught the course.
> We extensively use Moodle, a CMS which is open source, apart from few
> other open source tools.
> We may discuss some feature rich FOSS tools useful for CASE/IT students in
> this forum.
> Thanks
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> D B Kulkarni
> Sangli

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