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At risk of spamming, I thought it might be good to link to a few of the
notebooks, to give a sense of what kinds of analysis are possible:


The sky is the limit, of course :)

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 9:43 PM, Sebastian Benthall <sbenthall at gmail.com>

> Hello list,
> I wanted to mention a project I've been working on with some other folks
> that's designed to teach open source in a particulary reflexive way.
> The project is called BigBang:
> https://github.com/datactive/bigbang
> The gist of it is that it has:
>  - tools for ingesting data from other open source projects (mailing
> lists, repository data, one day issue tracker data)
>  - library methods for scientifically analyzing that data
>  - examples of scientific analysis in Jupyter notebooks
> I've done some pilot trainings with undergrad research assistants, who
> have built their own Jupyter notebooks to study open collaboration, often
> examining the very communities who built the software the project depends
> on.
> Lately the BigBang community has been led in a different direction: In a
> couple weeks they will be at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
> meeting in London and using it at the hackathon there to analyze the IETF
> mailing list history.
> This is an open call to participation if anybody is interested in adapting
> this project for their own teaching. I'm happy to field any questions about
> it.
> Thanks for listening!
> Seb
> Sebastian Benthall
> Research Fellow, Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech
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