[TOS] FOSS activities for CS1/CS2

Clif Kussmaul clifkussmaul at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 11:31:14 UTC 2019

I've drafted a JDK String activity. It's longer and more involved than the
Math activity,

but it could be a good way to help students get familiar with the String
class, and gain experience reading FOSS.

Next I'd like to do Arrays (including searching & sorting) and ArrayList.
Requests welcome!


The list software didn't like the big PDF attachment, so I've put the PDFs
in a Google Drive folder:



Feedback welcome, especially if you have time to read through an activity or
try it with students.




We've talked a lot about ways to do more with FOSS in courses that aren't
project-based or software engineering,

and particularly about doing this in CS1/CS2.


Here's a first draft of an activity for CS1/CS2 that explores the JDK Math

I can imagine doing similar activities for other parts of the JDK (e.g.
ArrayList), other standard libraries (C, Python, etc),

and activities that explore key algorithms & data structures for operating
systems, languages, AI, etc.

Does this seem like a good direction to explore? Anyone interested in
piloting activities, or helping to write more?


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