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Daniel Nüst daniel.nuest at wwu.de
Mon Apr 15 16:08:33 UTC 2019

Hi Joanna,

I have used a kind of peer reward "game" in the past for project-based
seminars (mostly software development, learning to fail, etc.), using a
paper handout in the final session (students unprepared):


(Just translated from German, so wording probably not as careful, please

Disclaimer: I am not an educational professional, and the course where I
used this is pretty intense (about 16 hrs/week), so any real issues
within the teams surface way before this final little evaluation.
Feedback welcome!!

Results: It really depends on the teams how they use it, some start
discussing and then share equally, some just go quiet and hand in the
forms individually. The latter ones tend to have larger ranges.
While I have not used the outcome to give worse grades, they have on
more than one occasion supported my outside view, so I could award
excellent contributions. So I'd use it again.

Hope this helps!


On 15.04.19 16:28, Joanna Klukowska wrote:
> Hi,
> I am teaching a class that focuses on student contributions to open
> source projects.
> I want to ask students to complete peer evaluations for the members of
> their teams. But last time I did it, they all rated each other as
> excellent (even though I know there were glitches).
> Does anybody have a template of a peer evaluation that they used
> successfully?
> I am attaching a copy of my form for reference.
> Thanks,
> Joanna
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