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I've had the same experience. :-)

However, I get very different responses when I ask each person to allocate
$10,000 in bonuses.
A few give everyone equal amounts, but most are more selective,
and I very rarely have teams where everyone gives themselves the biggest

A similar approach would be to change the peer rating to be something like:
	-2: far below, -1: below, 0: average, 1: above, 2: far above
and require ratings to sum to 0 (or use a tool to normalize responses)

I also think it helps to make the peer evaluation more specific, maybe even
as a rubric,
so it asks about specific things and gives examples of below/average/above

I've include text from my form below.


Name of Evaluator (you): _____
Name of Team Member being Evaluated (include yourself): _____

Peer Ratings (1=Never, 2=Rarely, 3=Sometimes, 4=Usually, 5=Always)
- Do they prepare for meetings and attend regularly?	
- Do they complete assigned work on time and in good condition?	
- Do they participate actively in the team, and contribute regularly?	
- Do they seek help within the group when necessary?	
- Do they cooperate with the group, listening and compromising when

If you could assign bonuses to each team member, how much would they get?
 (team total = $2000 * # of team members, e.g. $6000 for 3, $8000 for 4)

Specific Areas of STRENGTH
(1+ sentences - what did they do well, and how did that help the team?)

Specific Areas for IMPROVEMENT
(1+ sentences - what could they do to improve, and how would it help?)

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I am teaching a class that focuses on student contributions to open source
I want to ask students to complete peer evaluations for the members of their
But last time I did it, they all rated each other as excellent (even though
I know there were glitches).
Does anybody have a template of a peer evaluation that they used

I am attaching a copy of my form for reference.


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