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I like this, and can imagine classroom activities & assignments that use
FOSS data models to help students learn about the FOSS project and database
principles and practices at the same time. Do you have classroom or homework
content you are willing to share?

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Some years ago I experimented, in a Database course, with MusicBrainz
Students loved the idea (music) and it gave the possibility to dig deeper
into the topic (Database) starting from the ER schema


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> Hi everyone,
> A year or so ago, I went to a library open house where students and 
> faculty demoed FOSS tools like Audacity, FreeMind, Inkscape, GIMP, &
> However, no one I talked to had participated in their project's community.
> This seems like a missed opportunity, especially for someone who uses 
> one project heavily (e.g. a musician who uses MuseScore, a designer 
> who uses InkScape).
> Thus, I'd like to develop some activities to help non-technical people 
> learn more about a specific FOSS project, and how to access it's 
> online resources and interact with the community. I plan to start with 
> Audacity & MuseScore.
> Please let me know if you have other project suggestions, or would 
> like to work together on such activities. My hope is that after the 
> first few we can create a template to make it easier to do more.
> Clif
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