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Gina Likins glikins at redhat.com
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Hi y'all -
I imagine a lot of you are getting ready to head to SIGCSE (and I'm going
to miss seeing you, though I admit I am not upset about missing Minnesota
in February!), but I thought y'all might find this Git cheatsheet from
opensource.com useful (and it's cc-by-SA 4.0 licensed).

(Email required to download, but no subscription to anything required and
they won't spam you.)

Best (and bundle up!)


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How to be effective using Git.
How to be effective using Git.
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Download our Git Cheat Sheet

Version control is an important tool for anyone looking to track their
changes. It's especially helpful for programmers, sysadmins, and site
reliability engineers (SREs) who need to recover from mistakes to a known
good state.

In our Git cheat sheet, learn the essentials, basic flow, basic branching,
and important flags. Also learn how to work with a remote repository and of
course, get more help.

Download now

Be a Git power user.

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