[TOS] Open Source Student Network is growing

Christos Bacharakis christos at mozilla.com
Wed Mar 20 19:34:15 UTC 2019

Hi, wonderful faculty members!

My name is Christos, and I lead the Open Source Student Network (OSSN), a
program that aims to connect University students and Clubs with Open Source
Contribution Opportunities. The network is sponsored by Mozilla, but we are
looking into connecting students with opportunities across the whole Open
Source Ecosystem.

Last week we released our new website, a central place for anything that
has to do with Open Source and Universities such as:

   - activities for Clubs to run in their meetings
   - resources around new technologies
   - specially designed tools for helping students contribute to Open
   Source Projects
   - related internships and of course
   - latest announcements

Do you have a Univerity Club that is currently doing or interested in Open
Source? You can have them register their club with OSSN. You can also
register yourself for having access to these resources.

You can find our website at http://ossn.club
And clubs can register at the link that can be found on the Opportunities
page <https://ossn.club/contribute>.
Specially designed content for Clubs specifically can be found under
the Leader's
corner <https://ossn.club/leaders-corner>

Do you have any resources in mind that might be useful for students?
Please let me know, and I can add them on the website!

Thank you

Christos Bacharakis
Mozilla on Campus
Open Innovation Team
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