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It's been a long time since I've posted to this list, but I've found my
research swinging back around to this topic. I wanted to share what I've
been up to and ask what the best way is to get updated on your progress in
developing hands-on OSS engaged curricula.

I've gotten involved in the Scientific Python community, which surrounds
tools like NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotLib, Jupyter Notebooks, and other tools
used by scientists. These have expanded in popularity because of industrial
data science applications. They have become somewhat essential to curricula
like UC Berkeley's data science curriculum.

I'm now working on one somewhat more nascent project in this space,
Econ-Ark, which is a toolkit for studying macroeconomics. What the project
leads, who are Economics professors, are in agreement on is that they would
like to see more teaching and research of graduate level Economics through
use and contribution to the software, which includes substantive economic
models based on those that have been published in journals.

At the most recent SciPy Conference, I put together this talk about how we
see domain specific scientific software development emerging as a core
skill for economists:

Where this is going is: how could we put together a course that is
specifically about learning the necessary software engineering skills to be
productive within a specific scientific domain.

I look to you all as the experts on this and wonder where I should be
looking next.

Many thanks,
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