[TOS] Open Doors X Open Source

Heidi Ellis heidi.ellis at wne.edu
Sat Aug 21 01:27:09 UTC 2021

Hi Folks,

I'd like to draw your attention to a cool summer program that has just wrapped up.

The Atlanta University Data Science Initiative has hosted an NSF-funded summer program titled Open Doors X Open Source<https://datascience.aucenter.edu/odxos/> that combines open data
and open source. The program has the goal of preparing Black computing graduates for professional software development positions.

Run by Dr. Talitha Washington<http://www.talithawashington.com/>, from Clark Atlanta University and Dr. Kinnis Gosha<https://kinnisgosha.com/> from Morehouse College, students participate in socially relevant open source software projects as well as mock interviews and networking with Black computing professionalss. This 10-week program ran from June 7th through August 13th. We hope to see future offerings of
this program!

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