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  1. Re: What are folks teaching related to open source in the
     fall? (Heidi Ellis)

This is a little belated but I am currently teaching two open source related courses at Dickinson:

COMP190 - Tools and Techniques for Software Development
An introduction to the Unix command line environment, shell scripting, system administration, debugging tools and version control. Skills developed will be applied in the context of a Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) project. Case studies of social, legal and ethical issues raised by computing and computing for the greater good will complement the technical skill development.

This is taken by students typically in their second year either just after or concurrently with a course on object oriented design in Java.  The materials for this course are being added to the following site as the semester progresses: https://dickinson-comp190.github.io/website/

COMP491 - Fall Senior Seminar

A senior capstone course. Students identify and begin a year-long project with options including honors and independent research projects or participation in a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project. Class readings and discussions will focus on social, legal and ethical issues in computing, software engineering topics and contemporary issues in computer science. Written and oral presentation of technical and non-technical content will be required.

This is the first half of our year-long capstone sequence.  Students engage with H/FOSS projects “in-the-wild” by forming teams around common interests and selecting an H/FOSS community to join and work with on its project. The materials for this course are being added to the following site as the year progresses: https://dickinson-comp-491-492.github.io/website/


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